A film by
Hugo Arcier
Visual creation N°130 Creative Studio
Supervision Hugo Arcier
Fx artist Mihai Grecu
Modeling, lighting futuristic Paris Benjamin Bardou
Choreographer Christine Bastin
Dancers Anna Chirescu, Simon Feltz, Pierre Guilbault
Music Xavier Thiry
Percussions Cristián Sotomayor
Motion capture Mocaplab
Mixage Tristan Lhomme
Lidar scan Geosat
Production Les films Pelléas Philippe Martin, Dimitri Krassoulia-Vronsky
Production director Jean-Philippe Rouxel

Clinamen is a film in computer-generated images where the danced movement is expressed in its purest form. It takes us into a new vision of the Palais Garnier and a futuristic Paris.

Can a choreography exist without the bodies of the dancers?
Clinamen is a praise of movement where movement is expressed in its purest form. The spectator naturally appropriates this universe, initially abstract, and connects distinct elements to generate an imaginary body.
The film also offers an original re-reading of the Palais Garnier, a building transformed into a surprising space made up of atoms, as virtual as it is mental. Aboard this ship, we travel towards the future.
The title of the film Clinamen is taken from Lucrecius poem De rerum natura and Epicurean physics. It is a force that deflects the trajectory of atoms and makes them collide with each other. The dancers also have this faculty and, through this declination of atoms, the ability to create. The whole film is the visual expression of this phenomenon.