Lead 3D artist : Hugo Arcier

The theatrical director Cyril Teste came to see us to create a computer-generated sequence-shot that conclude the play Festen. It is a work around the painting of Jean-Baptiste Corot, Orphée ramenant Eurydice des Enfers (1861) which is an important element of the set of the play.

The idea is to illustrate the subjective vision of a character who gets lost in the vision of the painting. This plunge into the painting also acts as an ellipse and once out we find ourselves in a transformed and slightly aged version of the decor. On the ground a black liquid surface, symbol of putrefaction.

For the purposes of this project, the actual set of the play was modeled and recreated in computer-generated images and a 3D version of the painting was created. One of the technical difficulties of the project was the invisible transition from the 2D version of the painting to the 3D one.