Production : Arte France, Lucid Realities, Camera Lucida productions,
Musées d’Orsay et de l’Orangerie, Gebrueder Beetz filmprodktion
A VR experience by Nicolas Thepot

Visual creation and development : N°130 Creative Studio
Supervision, Senior 3D artist : Hugo Arcier
Technical Artist : Robin Maulet

Claude Monet devoted the last thirty years of his life to painting the water lilies of his garden at Giverny in Normandy region. A colossal and obsessional work that cost the artist his view, but for which he himself created the subject – the famous pond hosting lily pads.

Monet’s research on the effects of light, his desire to express his sensations lead him to dilute the forms and gradually move away from a realistic representation of the world. The VR experience takes the viewer to Giverny and plunges him into the very heart of Monet’s work, in his eyes troubled by the loss of sight, in a whirlwind of colors. An immersive and sensory experience in this unique work.

VivePort Developer Award – Best Art & Culture VR experience in 2019
Silver Muse Award at the annual meeting of American Alliance of Museum (2019 – New Orleans)
Grand Prix at PiXii Festival – Sunny Side of the Doc (2019 – La Rochelle)
Special mention of the jury at FIFA – Experientia (2019 – Montreal)
Official selection at VRHAM (2019 – Hambourg
Official selection at Sandbox Immersive Festival (2019 – Qingdao)
Selection at Festival International des Arts Vidéos de Casablanca (2019)
Selection at Festival National du film d’animation de Rennes (2019)