Artistic direction and development : Hugo Arcier

Overview is an audiovisual performance resulting from the collaboration between Annabelle Playe for the music and N°I30 for the visual creation.

Annabelle Playe, alone on stage, interprets the music live from an electronic instrument device. Sound masses, chaotic or pulsed, enveloping timbres are connected to a reactive 3D audio surface and animated according to musical parameters.

The images are entirely generated in real-time 3D and in complete interaction with the music.

Overview: an odyssey, a quasi-nuclear energy that disturb our perception of space, question our posture to the world, electrify the fabric that connects essence, existence and universe. Music and images are in synergy to develop a force sometimes hypnotic, sometimes chaotic, leading us to cross a wall of sound, a glare, to finally pass through the other side.