“Chaos Papillon” video clip for singer-songwriter Regina Demina is inspired by video game culture, 3D glitch, object penetration and more. This aesthetic creates a dynamic, resolutely contemporary film.

Technically, the film is entirely CGI, with the photorealistic parts featuring the singer rendered in Unreal Engine (Metahuman) and the fluid parts simulated in Houdini and rendered in Maya.
This is the studio’s second project to use Metahuman, and all facial performance capture was done in-house.

Production: N°130
Directed by: Hugo Arcier
Facial animation capture assistant: Kenza Ghilas & Mathieu Staropoli

Chaos-Papillon is the first single of EP Tomie by Régina Demina
Composed by Régina Demina
Mixed and produced by Nömak (aka Nicolas Petit Frère)
Mastered by Lorenzo Targhetta